Cedar Pointe Village 1-5 Assoc. Inc.
"A Not For Profit Corporation "
2929 S.E. Ocean Blvd.
Clubhouse #1
Stuart,FL. 34996
Office Mgr                         Shirley Cormell
Anthony Franchi          Maintenance
Office Hours  9:00 AM.-12:00 PM. Monday - Thursday
Maintenance Hours 8:00AM - Noon Monday - Friday
Phone: 772-286-9987   fax 772-286-2292
E-mail:  cpv15@bellsouth.net
President email: cpv15dir@att.net
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The following directors terms will expire FEB. 5, 2017

Ron Ansara                  772.359.4503

Dianne Carter               303.319.1220

Vacancy              Position will not be filled at this time

Maureen Starner           772-266-4095

The following directors were elected to a two year term expiring  FEB. 4, 2016

Donald Eberhart       973-543-6749

Ray McCormick        678.707.2098

Gale Bracken           772.349.4253


PRESIDENT           Nicholas Ronald Ansara

VICE PRESIDENT    Maureen Starner

TREASURER           Donald Eberhart

SECRETARY           Gale Bracken


CHAIRPERSON                     CO-CHAIRPERSON                             COMMITTEE
Nicholas Ronald Ansara         Maureen Starner                          All Villages

Ray McCormick                    Maureen Starner                          Buildings

Maureen Starner                                                                  Laundry

Irene Taylor                       Women's Club                               Club House

Ron Ansara                        Maureen Starner                       Disaster Relief

Vickie McCormick                 Nancy Schultz                         Interview

Ray McCormick                   Tony Franchi                            Lift Stations

Shirley Cormell                    Don Eberhart                           Office
Open till further notice      Tony Franchi                           Pools

Dianne Carter                                                                 Grounds

Don Eberhart                   Dianne Carter/Gale Bracken               Personnel

Errol Solley                                                                         Compliance

                             Association President will Co-Chair all Committees

   A-UNIT $328.00 (2/2)         B-UNIT $280.00 (2/1.5)
   C-UNIT $241.00 (1/1.5)      D-UNIT $218.00 (1/1)
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18 Years and Still Swinging
Away back in 1997 Jack Donophon had a great idea about starting a Cedar Pointe Village golf league. He asked Maude and Pauline to assist him. In no time we had notices out, tee shirts printed and ten (10) teams ready to tee off on Sunday March 9, 1997. The Martin County Golf course was a sea of blue shirts. A dinner with 63 people followed and awards were given to the top 3 teams, the longest drives, closest to the pin and longest putt. Jack later changed this so each team would win a prize.
Slowly the number of teams diminished to 8, then to 5 or 6. Some members moved away, however two of the original group, Helen and Howard Sheppler have returned each year. They always look forward to seeing you. A few of our former golfers no longer play and some have passed away and we hope and pray there's a golf course in Heaven so they can play together on the first Sunday in March.
We were deeply saddened t learn of Jack's passing on November 8, 2012. He will be well remembered and missed. We are gratful to Don who assisted Jack and at Jack's request took over for him last year. Don we hope you will continue for many more years. Thank You.
​We thank Marie Mahoney, Vivian, Dotty, Kay and all who help in setting up and getting the food on the tables, Marge who always ends up washing dishes and again to Marie for the floral arrangements. They all make the after-golf dinner a huge success.
We continue to appreciate Vivian and Dotty who have been our scorers for many years.
Pauline Murphy
March 3, 2013